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Day of the Life

You Can't Hurry Love

You Can’t Hurry Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taco Bell

Taco Bell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


abby-kitchen-pano-jpg (Photo credit: danenderle)

Central Canal and Indianapolis skyline

Central Canal and Indianapolis skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: White river; Indianapolis, Indiana, J...

English: White river; Indianapolis, Indiana, July 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Logo of Louis Vuitton

English: Logo of Louis Vuitton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indiana State Capitol at the end of Market St,...

Indiana State Capitol at the end of Market St, Indianapolis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

fruit punch

fruit punch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Three bottles of different nail polis...

English: Three bottles of different nail polish colors and brands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m on my way to Indianapolis when the car starts giving trouble.  It’s a whine that sound like a frayed belt and I pull into a place that works on these things.  They cant fix it while I wait but I can come back this afternoon.

I have taken a whole day off to do this errand and it needs done, so I take a greyhound to Indianapolis.  The bus station isn’t far from where i’m going and it takes ten minutes to do what I needed to do.  But there isn’t a bus back home until late this afternoon so i’m stuck in this city for hours.

But then I run into these girls I haven’t seen since high school.  IDK what they do with their lives but they’re getting ready to party all day so I get in the car with them and go.  Ever try to find somebody on FB you haven’t seen for years and five minutes later you wondered why you even bothered?  It’s like that.

There’s a big bowl of fruit punch on the table that has more vodka in it than I realize and on an empty stomach it goes right to my head.  Someone puts on Phil Collins and I end up dancing with this girl I don’t know to You Cant Hurry Love.  When you’re drunk you get all kinds of great ideas that don’t seem so great when you sober up.  We decide to paint each others’ nails a different color for each finger.  Trouble is it’s cheap nail polish and it runs and makes a mess.  When I wake up that afternoon I just barely remember this because of the color stains on my fingers.

One of my high school friends just got her first tattoo.  I hate tattoos but this one is actually cute on her.  It’s three successive ocean waves in teal ink, just a little one on her left upper back.  It would look good if she’d stop there but i’m sure she wont. In ten years she’ll be covered with them like a San Diego sailor.  And I’m too drunk to even take a picture with my cell.

When I open my eyes the house is quiet because we have all passed out.  I am on my back on the sofa with a throbbing headache but I’m not sick, probably because I never ate anything.  A good argument for not eating when you’re drinking. When I stand I almost step on this girl passed out on the floor.  I get my purse and get out of there.  With any luck at all none of them will remember that I was even there.

Abby got me a Vuitton purse that I am carrying but it’s a mixed blessing.   I’m afraid it’ll get stolen if anyone knows what it is.  I walk two blocks and wait for the city bus.  I hate this town.  Hate the politicians here that discriminate against women and are determined to take us back to the 19th century just as Indiana is barely making it into the 20th.  Only 100 years behind the rest of the country!  The former governor had short man’s syndrome.  The current governor has declared war on smoking and the health commissioner on fat people.  Or is it the other way around?

Two stops from where I get on the bus a boy my age gets on and looks around and it seems something’s wrong with him.  Either he’s drunk and I don’t smell booze on him, or he’s psychotic.  Probably the latter.  He sits down right next to me, gives a shuddering yawn, and puts his head on my shoulder.  The people on the bus seem to know him and they laugh.  I put my arm around him and kiss him on the head and leave him alone.

He’s trying to get to a Taco Bell.  The people on the bus that know him start yelling at him to wake up and I give him a gentle nudge and say, It’s time to wake up, honey.

He darts awake and looks around. Then he shakes himself all over like a big sheep dog.  He looks suspiciously around him and gets up.  We’re at a shopping mall now where the bus stops for 30 minutes.  I get tired of waiting and decide to take a cab to the station.  The boy is sitting on the curb, rocking and talking to himself.


Lash Lenghteners








  I just started using Lash Relonge.  I’ve heard it’s the best even if it does cost $80.  And I wondered if anyone has used anything like this and how well it works for you.



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To Xanga

   I just wanted to say hello to my friends at my Xanga blog and thank them for following me here.